NORA offers online video courses for you.

Each course requires watching the video and passing a ten question test.

Eight of the ten questions must be answered correctly to pass. Upon passing, two (2) CEUs will be credited to your account.

You make take the test as often as you need to pass.

Additional Video courses will be added...please check back for new courses.

How to take the video courses:

  1. Click on the course title of your choice. You will be automatically enrolled in the course.
  2. Watch the Entire Video.
  3. Click on the test link and answer the 10 multiple-choice questions.
  4. Re-take the test  if you did not receive a passing grade.
  5. Download your high-resolution certificate suitable for printing. Your two CEU's will be credited to your account (it may take up to 24 hours to your CEU's to show up in your account.)